Fascist past

Fascism and Nazism in the Rai and Mediaset television story


The television story

During an interview given to the journalist Andrea Barbato for a Rai broadcast, which aired on 8 May 1965, entitled "La lotta per la libertà. Vent’anni di opposizione al fascismo", the historian Renzo De Felice defined the racial laws of 1938 «one of the most unpopular acts committed by the fascist regime, which the Italian people, along with some Mussolini followers, do not accept», as «infamy contrary to the traditions of the country».


The research project and the webdoc

The project “Fascist Past. Fascism and Nazism in the TV story RAI and Mediaset”, aims to analyze the ways in which Italian television has told the experience of the fascist and National Socialist regime, over 70 years of Italian history (from 1954, the beginning of RAI television broadcasts, to 2022), influencing convenient narratives, wrong perceptions, […]

Browse the Web doc

The webdoc that you are preparing to navigate is presented as a new generation interactive teaching tool aimed primarily at students and teachers but also at a non-specialist audience who want to approach the television and historiographical story about fascism and the nazism. The web doc is divided into sections: an introductory part with a […]


March on Rome
Lateran Treaty
The proclamation of the Empire
Entry into the War
Regime collapse
The Resistance begins
the Republic of Salò
The Liberation
the Munich putsch
Hitler takes over
The Nuremberg Laws
The Spanish Civil War
the Steel Pact