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The webdoc that you are preparing to navigate is presented as a new generation interactive teaching tool aimed primarily at students and teachers but also at a non-specialist audience who want to approach the television and historiographical story about fascism and the nazism.

The web doc is divided into sections: an introductory part with a section dedicated to the most significant events that have marked the history of the Fascist and German National Socialism.

For each decade (from the 1950s to the 1920s) the story follows three categories:

  • Rai audiovisual sources: presented in excerpts, for the first time accessible to all, in compliance with copyright (thanks to an agreement with Rai Teche), accompanied by transcripts in Italian, German and English;
  • Historiography (scientific and popular) on the fascist and National Socialist regime, to give an account of the progress of research that have accompanied the various television seasons;
  • The cultural and political events that accompanied the various television seasons and the policies of memory that have rewritten the civil calendar.