Entry into the War


10 June

La dichiarazione di guerra è già stata consegnata agli ambasciatori di Gran Bretagna e di Francia. Scendiamo in campo contro le democrazie plutocratiche e reazionarie dell’Occidente, che, in ogni tempo, hanno ostacolato la marcia e spesso insidiato l’esistenza medesima del popolo italiano

(The declaration of war has already been delivered to the ambassadors of Great Britain and France. Let us take the field against the plutocratic and reactionary democracies of the West, which, at all times, have hindered the march and often undermined the very existence of the Italian people).

On 10th June 1940, from the balcony of Piazza Venezia, with the famous words to the “Combattenti di terra, di mare, dell’aria”  (Fighters of land, sea, air), the Duce announces the entry of Italy into the Second World War.

Mussolini is really convinced that Nazi Germany will win the war in a short time. On this basis, and on a dramatic overestimation of the Italian armed forces, will drag the country into an endless tragedy that, in fact, will mark the beginning of the end of its regime.