Alleati di Hitler. Le Regie Forze Armate, il regime fascista e la guerra del 1940-43 (Allies of Hitler. The Royal Armed Forces, the fascist regime and the war of 1940-43)

MacGregor Knox, Garzanti.

The armed forces and military policies have always represented a sort of stone banquet in the historiography of Italian fascism. A paradoxical emptiness, considered the symbolic weight of the imperial force and ambitions during the regime, yet lasting even among the most famous historians (De Felice, for example), with few exceptions. In this volume, MacGregor Knox examines the Italian unpreparedness in the face of modern war by critically deconstructing the defects due to a deep economic backwardness, but also calling into question the failure of the cultural mobilization of a regime that had made the warrior myth its characteristic figure.