Intervista sul fascismo (Interview on fascism)

R. De Felice M. Ledeen,  Einaudi.

With six reprints in just one year, the Interview was the most famous and influential text in the public debate of those years, although part of its success was undoubtedly due to the controversy that followed, in 1974, the publication of the fourth volume of the Mussolinian biography, The Years of Consent (1929-1936). The De Felice’s interpretation, which would be strengthened in the following volume and would be enriched by many essays by his pupils, saw in Mussolini’s Italy a nationalist regime, essentially illiberal and traditionally conservative, but without totalitarian pretensions. A regime that over the years had met with a mass consensus by those social segments (including especially the middle classes, but also partly the working classes supported and favoured by the welfare policies of the state) who saw the regime mainly as a dispenser of securities, in the face of which repressed freedoms mattered very little.