La conquista del potere. Il fascismo dal 1919 al 1929 (The Seizure of Power: Fascism in Italy, 1919 to 1929)

Adrian Lyttelton, Laterza.

This volume, a translation of the original English version published the previous year, still represents today a canonical text for studies on the genesis of the fascist movement and the birth of the dictatorship. Rich in unpublished documentation, precise and accurate in the reconstruction of events, characterized by a critical interpretation and detached from political passions (a rarity in Italy at the time), Lyttelton’s volume was based on a continuist reading: the process of subversion of the liberal order by fascism would take place over ten years and would not be completed until 1929. Although this interpretation would often be questioned in subsequent decades, Lyttelton’s reconstruction of the initial phase of fascist state-building and its attention to cultural and economic factors made it a pioneering text in many respects.