La crisi dello Stato liberale in Italia (The crisis of the liberal state in Italy)

Gabriele De Rosa, Studium

When this synthetic volume was released, De Rosa was already known as a scholar of the Catholic movement (his work on Catholic Action was published in two volumes by Laterza), but he was not yet considered his main work; ten years later he would publish his monumental history of the Popular Party. In “La crisi dello Stato liberale in Italia”, De Rosa brought together documentation and interpretations that he would later develop (in 1957, in a volume dedicated to the relations between Giolitti and fascism, and then in the history of the Popular Party published ten years later). The end of liberal Italy resulted from the sum of deep-rooted insufficiencies of the ruling class, cross-vetoes and the arrogance of experienced politicians, just like Giolitti, unable to understand the revolutionary situation in which they lived and the deep subversive charge of fascism.