‘La Grande Storia. Dalle leggi razziali alla Shoah’ (The Great History. From racial laws to the Shoah)

(ID Teca: F394280)

Broadcast on 12th October 2008 on Rai Tre, the episode from which these four excerpts are taken is entirely built on the testimonies of the Italian survivors of the anti-Semitic persecution. Such recent emphasis on the collection of memories of witnesses, to be interviewed “before it is too late”, is justified listening to the words of Ferruccio D’Angeli and Cesare Finzi, who vividly restore the impact of what happened, as well as Liliana Segre (ten years before being appointed senator for life), which attributes a much greater responsibility to Italian society than the one previously widespread (as seen for example in the aforementioned collection of 1986 “The courage and piety”).