La marcia su Roma (The march on Rome)

Antonino Repaci, , Rizzoli.

Repaci, a magistrate who had participated in the Piedmontese resistance, had originally published this volume in 1963 (under the title “La marcia su Roma. Mito e realtà [The March on Rome. Myth and Reality]) in an attempt to provide a documentary basis for the debate regarding the events of October 1922. Reconstruction up to that moment was mainly through personal diaries and memories, some of which (such as that of Emilio Lussu, “L’apologia di Vittorio Emanuele III”, The apology of Vittorio Emanuele III, written by his former aide Paolo Puntoni or the “Memories of Badoglio”) were not too reliable. Although many new sources have become available in recent decades, the new 1972 edition of The March, enriched with numerous archival documents, is still to date one of the fundamental texts to reconstruct the stages of the constitution of the first Mussolini government.