La politica delle armi. Il ruolo dell’esercito nell’avvento del fascismo (The politics of arms. The role of the army in the advent of fascism)

Marco Mondini, Laterza.

Since the establishment of the first Mussolini government in the autumn of 1922, many witnesses accused the army of having favoured (if not caused) the advent of dictatorship by betraying its duty to the legitimate state (Gaetano Salvemini spoke explicitly of a military conspiracy). Nevertheless, those who dealt with the origins of the regime were never concerned to clarify the responsibilities of the armed forces in the political struggle of those years, nor to ascertain the origins of this anomalous interference in public life (Italian officials were traditionally loyalists and monarchists). With the exception of a study by Giorgio Rochat in 1967, now obsolete, Mondini’s volume is the only research that addresses, both in terms of political and cultural history, the post-war military, their role in the genesis of the dictatorship and their adherence to the regime.