Le destre europee. Conservatori e radicali tra le due guerre (The European Right. Conservatives and radicals between the two wars)

Marco Bresciani (curated by), Carocci.

Although of very varied quality, the essays contained in this substantial collection on the genesis and political affirmation of the extreme right movements in Europe between 1918 and 1939 are, on the whole, innovative and brilliant. The main merit of this collection is undoubtedly the fact that it has strongly posed the question of the transnational origins of fascism that subtracts the Italian story (Bresciani makes this very clear in his introduction) the exceptional vision so often cultivated by historians of fascism. The collapse of the liberal regime thus ceases to be the product of a kind of eternal national conspiracy against the path of democracy and becomes a consequence of the inability of many European countries (including Italy) to emerge from the upheavals caused by the cultural and social mobilization for the total war of 1914-1918.