Mussolini il rivoluzionario (Mussolini the revolutionary)

R. De Felice, Einaudi.

The first volume of the monumental biography of Mussolini had some peculiarities which would return several times in De Felice’s work. The tendency to amend the young Mussolini from his most conservative and negative notes, to leave wide gaps in the reading of some ambiguous episodes of the biographed (the transition from neutralism to interventionism to name one) and, above all, to accuse other actors (primarly the Socialist Party of 1914) of  drifts that would have led the future Duce to play a role of a completely different nature. Although few realized it at the time, “Mussolini il rivoluzionario” (Mussolini the revolutionary) (1883-1920) was already a work tainted by deep revisionism, first of all for the attempt (unfounded) to attribute to the future Duce a positive project of modernization of the country and a progressive vision.