Nel cantiere della memoria. Fascismo, Resistenza, Shoah, Foibe (In the yard of memory. Fascism, Resistance, Shoah, Foibe)

Filippo Focardi, Viella.

Volume of synthesis and arrangement of a research path now twenty years on the construction of collective memory and stereotypes that have fueled the identity in Italy post 1945, This monograph deals with the most problematic issues of the relations between national history and fascism. The antinomy between “bad Germans” and good Italians (to which Focardi had already dedicated a volume), the removal of Italian faults in the occupation and in the use of violence against civilians, the wound of military internees, the memory of the Shoah (another removal site), the construction of the resistive mythology of Kefalonia and the accounts with fascism / eternal anti-fascism as keys to political mobilization.