Nitti, D’Annunzio e la questione adriatica 1919-1920 (Nitti, D’Annunzio and the Adriatic question 1919-1920)

Paolo Alatri, Feltrinelli. 

Although not directly linked to a bibliography of fascism, this monograph by Paolo Alatri remains, many years later, fundamental to understand the difficult transition from war to peace in post-1918 Italy, and the clot of dissatisfaction, frustration and nationalist hysteria in which fascism germinated and became popular. The First critical study to reconstruct the issue of Rijeka and the role of the far right in weakening the foundations of the liberal state’s consensus by exploiting the fame of a patriotic icon like D’Annunzio, Alatri’s volume is distinguished by very acute and still agreeable judgments on the inability and psychological limitations of the ruling class of the time.