Renzo De Felice and Denis Mack Smith

On 28 of April at 8.45 pm,  on Rai 1 aired in the early evening the comparison between the historian Renzo De Felice, author of a monumental biography of Mussolini, and Denis Mack Smith, English historian known to the general public for his successful “Storia d’Italia” (History of Italy). De Felice is accused of wanting to rehabilitate the twenty years of pro-fascism and revisionism. The historian from Rieti (who spoke of fascism as a “modern and revolutionary movement” and of the building of consensus in the Italian society of the thirties, not attributable to the only repressive machine of the dictatorship) is challenged by the theory of fascism as “imperfect totalitarianism”, not comparable to the National Socialist regime in terms of repression and violence.