Storia dell’Italia nel periodo fascista (History of Italy in the Fascist period)

Luigi Salvatorelli – Giovanni Mira, Einaudi.

Profound reworking of the previous “Storia del Fascismo” (History of Fascism), also published by Einaudi in 1952, the “Storia dell’Italia nel periodo fascista” (History of Italy in the Fascist period) has long represented the other classic reference for studies on the “Ventennio”. Salvatorelli and Mira, both veterans of the Great War, both active on the post-war public scene, also shared the multiple identity of witnesses, anti-fascist militants (with different times and roles) and trained researchers. In particular Salvatorelli, university professor but also columnist at La Stampa after 1919, recast many of his readings on the genesis of fascism in his work, in the belief that it was time to overcome a testimonial vision of the regime and to offer a reconstruction on the historiographic level.