The “closet of shame”

Deputy Mirko Tremaglia presents a draft law to the Chamber of Deputies to rehabilitate former RSI fighters and make them equivalent to effective members of the Armed Forces. In the same year, the “cabinet of shame” was found in the premises of Palazzo Cesi in Rome, the headquarters of the Military General Prosecutor’s Office, containing 695 judicial files with investigative material on Nazi-fascist crimes, illegally covered up in 1960. The discovery gave rise to numerous investigations at military prosecutors, followed by trials and convictions, with life imprisonment in absentia against Nazi criminals and the establishment of a parliamentary commission of inquiry in May 2003. Thanks to the discovery of the files, in 2004, in La Spezia the proceedings begin against those responsible for the massacre of Sant’Anna di Stazzema (560 civilians massacred on 12th August 1944), one of the great massacres of Italians who remained unpunished.