25 April

The National Liberation Committee of Upper Italy, which brings together all the anti-fascist parties, orders the general insurrection of all the fighting groups of the Resistance. It is the final parable of the fascist regime that for twenty years has oppressed the civil and political liberties of the Italians (with the prison and the confinement of police), committing violence and war crimes alongside the German occupying army. In Milan, in a city on strike, the partisans of all the surrounding areas arrive. Captured in Dongo while trying to escape, Mussolini was shot on 28 April by order of the CLNAI. In Germany, meanwhile, the Russian and American armies join on the banks of the Elbe. 336516 will be the Italians recognized militant partisans (including 35,000 women).

On 29 April in Caserta the Nazi-Fascist forces in Italy signed the surrender to the Anglo-Americans. It is the end of the war in Italy